EP 52: Kristen Ivy – Making The Most of Every Phase

"The decisions that you have in front of you are not about choosing what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes, it's about choosing what is good and what is best."    Kristen Ivy is the founder and director of the Phase Project, bringing together personal experience, academic research, and gatherings of leaders and educational experts from across the child development spectrum. ​She earned her Bachelors of Education from Baylor University in 2004 and a Master of Divinity from Mercer University in 2009. She worked in the public school system as a high school biology and English teacher, where she learned firsthand the importance of influencing the next generation. Kristen is also the executive director of messaging at Orange and has played an integral role in the development of the elementary, middle school, and high school curriculum and has shared her experiences at speaking events across the country. Check out Kristen’s episode, “Making the Most of Every Phase,” today! 

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