Food Bank Volunteer Surprised with $10,000 Check and New Car

Like many people who fall on hard times, Shannon receives food from a food bank. She found her self in debt after losing her husband in a hunting accident, having medical complications and surgeries, having her car break down several times, and becoming a foster parent to two of her grandkids. She was so thankful for the help she received, that she started volunteering at the food bank with her 3 grandkids.
Shannon thought she was doing an interview about the food bank, but it was all a setup to surprise her with 3 life changing gifts. The first was a parade of over 100 people who showered her with gifts, the second was a new car, and the third was a check for $10,000 and $1,000 donation to the food bank.
Many organizations participated and/or provided gifts, including Love INC, True Hope Food Bank, and hundreds of individuals who joined the parade style Giving Mob.

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