Hidden Heroes - Best Foot Forward

Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes is a multi-award winning series and is currently in its fourth season. This series shines a bright light on everyday people selflessly sharing their positive attitudes towards society and life by doing good deeds and making positive choices. The... Read More

This week we revisit some of the season’s best stories which were all inspired by the Chicken Soup for the Soul’s book series. We go undercover to find a Hidden Hero who will console our “bullied teen” when his basketball teammates won’t give him a break; An adult yoga class is surprised by their newest teacher, a nine-year-old yogi, who helps them connect with their “inner child.” Kids tell us first hand about their experiences with bullies and how to handle them; On Inspiration Station, we meet a lucky young girl who turns her winnings into a chance to help others.

Chicken Soup for the Soul's Hidden Heroes. Hidden cameras capture good deeds performed by heroes in action. Hosted by Brooke Burke.

Season 1, Episode 15