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Wow, I Never Knew That! Etch A Sketch, Bingo, Bikini

As the Emmy award-winning Executive Producer of David Harris Katz Entertainment Inc., David brings a wealth of experience, passion and enthusiasm to every project he takes on.  Over the past 25 years, David has worked for NBC, CBS, ABC, King World, Tribune, Telepictures and Cablevision.... Read More

Episode #2

Before computer drawing programs, there was a toy that if you mastered its two circular white knobs you could have a picture perfect SKETCH.  We’ll explain how the ETCH A SKETCH drew onto the scene.  And what did Neil Armstrong REALLY say when he stepped on the moon, the “aahh” answer will surprise you!  Plus, where did the explosive name BIKINI come from?

Wow, I Never Knew That! is a whimsical, half-hour television series that is jam-packed with exciting tidbits and fascinating facts that uncover the truths and origins behind the stuff you’re already familiar with. From the items you use every day to the phrases you use in conversation to the habits you’re so accustomed to, you’ll be fascinated to learn how they’ve all really come about! 

Hosted by: Jeff “JJ” Johnson

Written by: David Harris Katz, George Clements

Executive Producer: David Harris Katz