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The Fairies - Nursery Rhymes

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Nursery Rhymes are loved by every fairy and elf, and many well-known classics have been given a touch of fairy magic to make them even more fan-fairy-tastic! Sing along with Six Little Ducks, It's Raining it's Pouring, Der Glumph went the Little Green Frog and fairy many more! Harmony, Rhapsody, Barnaby and Elf sing with Fairy Princess Minuet, Lucy, Momo and dozens of gorgeous fairy dancing girls.

Cast and Characters: Candice Moll - Harmony, Ruth Fallon - Rhapsody, PJ Oaten - Barnaby, Adam Goodburn - Wizzy, Peppa Blackburn - Minuet, Zoe Komazec - Rainbow, Momo Hoshino - Dancing Girl Momo, Lucinda Watts - Dancing Girl Lucy

Directed By: Tait Muller