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The Fairies - Fairy Hello

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Fairy Hello is the first movie featuring Harmony and Rhapsody in fairyland, before they had a 'fairy makeover' and became the pink and purple fairies. Fairy Hello follows the lives of the two beautiful fairies who live at the Bottom of the Garden. There is always excitement around Harmony, Rhapsody and their friends Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee, Elf the Fairy Cake Maker and Wizzy the Wizard, as they create special magic and fantasy, exploring their world through song and dance, play and adventure. It’s a live action, magical fantasy full of singing, dancing, and fan-fairy-tastic fun, featuring original and adored songs, written especially for preschoolers. The Fairies features fairy tots and elf tots as well as ‘real’ children from the top of the garden. It encourages imagination and creativity while teaching morals and values through magical, musical entertainment. It’s simply irresistible; the magic awaits your child!

Cast and Characters: Jenifer Watts - Harmony, Joni Combe - Rhapsody, Wally Carr - Barnaby, Stuart Boag - Elf, John Skidmore - Santa, Benita Grimaldi - Arabella, James Mercuri - William, Joanna Reppucci - Emily, Samantha Stokes - Fairy Tot, April Hancock - Fairy Tot, Harlan Spaven - Elf Tot, Cameron Sherman - Elf Tot

Directed By: David Hancock