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The Fairies - Fairy Dancing

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Fairy Dancing is perfect for any child who loves to sing and loves to dance. When Harmony and Rhapsody discover tiny ballet slippers, they remember childhood days of fairy ballet, and decide to spend the whole day dancing with their friends. From jazz to tap, tango to rock 'n roll, bootskooting to ballet, the fairies discover so many different kinds of fan-fairy-tastic songs and dances.

Cast and Characters: Candice Moll - Harmony, Ruth Fallon - Rhapsody, Rhys Bobridge - Elf, PJ Oaten - Barnaby, Adam Goodburn - Wizzy, Stephanie Antonopoulos - Fairy Tot Melody, Erin Dunn - Fairy Tot Jingles, Sam Trenwith - Elf Tot Treble, Abbie Watts - Emma, Sasha Champion - Arabella, Harrison Dearing - William, Lucy Watts - Child Harmony, Jemma Highet - Child Rhapsody

Directed By: Matt King