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The Fairies - Fairy Beach

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Harmony, Rhapsody and their Fairyland friends sail through the sky to Fairy Beach in the magical flying boat, The Bubble, and have beach adventures galore with their new friend Bubbles the Beach Fairy. Laugh, sing, dance and learn about the beach and the ocean as the fairies find exciting things to see, do and play with at the beach with the uplifting song "Fairy Friends Forever" a fantastic finale.

Cast and Characters: Candice Moll - Harmony, Ruth Fallon - Rhapsody, Rhys Bobridge - Elf, PJ Oaten - Barnaby, Adam Goodburn - Wizzy, Alice Darling - Bubbles, Tayla Dantu-Hann - Fairy Tot, Matthew Wilson - Elf Tot

Directed By: Mark Evans