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The Fairies - Dancing Girl

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Learn to dance with Harmony and Rhapsody as they lead fourteen little fairy dancing girls through nine different songs and dances. 

We all know that fairy girls all over the world love to dance. This 45 minute instructional special from The Fairies will have them all toe tapping their little hearts out, and having hours of fun while they do it. In this dancing movie, your child can join a Fairy Dancing Class in your own home, as Harmony and Rhapsody teach the steps to their favourite songs including the fabulous hits 'Fairy Ballet', 'Jump Jump Star' and 'Fairy Dancing Girl'. After learning the steps, your child then can give you a fairy dancing performance of their own. 'The Fairies' series follows the adventures of fairies Harmony, Rhapsody and their magical friends.

Cast and Characters: Candice Moll - Harmony, Ruth Fallon - Rhapsody, Chymz Angeles - Fairy Dancing Girl, Jinnah Cha - Fairy Dancing Girl, Aanchal Chandiramani - Fairy Dancing Girl, Jessica Cheung - Fairy Dancing Girl    , Katherine Flanagan - Fairy Dancing Girl, Jasmin Gupta - Fairy Dancing Girl, Momo Hoshino - Fairy Dancing Girl, Shamaya James-Bishop - Fairy Dancing Girl, Emma Mockridge - Fairy Dancing Girl, Nam Karra - Fairy Dancing Girl, Mika Ogai - Fairy Dancing Girl, Alice Petchey - Fairy Dancing Girl, Georgina Stott - Fairy Dancing Girl, Lucinda Watts - Fairy Dancing Girl

Directed By: Matt King