The Chef and The Comedian - Episode 1 Mexico

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One's a cheerful comedian with an appetite for life... The other's a high-brow celebrity chef with a short temper... Now, the Chef and the Comedian are joining forces on an adventure of gastronomic proportions!

In "The Chef and the Comedian", comedy and cuisine go hand in hand... as a well-known comedian is taken under the wings of a world renowned chef. In a very short amount of time, the chef must turn his wisecracking apprentice into a culinary artist. But there's a steep learning curve ahead, and the comedian is bringing nothing to the table but funny bones.

Through eight episodes, eight amazing destinations, and eight delicious meals, the comedian will get the grand tour of fine dining... While the chef orchestrates his big transformation from goofball to meatballs!

From Paris to Tokyo, from Norway to Mexico, they will challenge one world cuisine after the other... and discover that great food really IS a laughing matter! So get ready for an intelligent and laugh-out-loud comedy series about the importance of food, fun and friendship!

The Chef and the Comedian -Bon appétit!