Violeta mi Vida

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Written and Directed by Or Sinai

Deborah will do anything to make her daughter’s Violeta Bat Mitzvah as happy and glamorous as possible. She hopes to create an event so great which will help them forget the harsh everyday reality they live in. Debora’s two sons are flying in from Argentina and for the first time since she immigrated to Israel, she will reunite with all her children under the same roof. 

The final preparations for the Bat Mitzvah raise many conflicts for Debora and her daughter; Debora’s financial hardship – barely making ends meet cleaning houses, Violeta’s rare bone disease, coping with fragmented family and alienation in a foreign country. 
Still, against all odds, they create their own world full of humor, imagination and love, and together they make their way to the Bat Mitzvah they longed for.

50 min, documentary, 2012

The Alex Bernstein Production Award: The Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel, 2012
The Award for Discovery of New Topics and New Heroes: International Documentary Film Festival "Flahertiana" Perm, Russia, 2014