WEUM Digital Broadcast is an Urban Gospel Radio Station. It’s simply you and a million other listeners each day. Joy and hope are the irresistible ingredients of this station. It gives you highlights both old and new trending Gospel Music and Artists. Every day, WEUM inspires over a million listeners with its powerful and life-changing messages all over the globe. WEUM also keeps its listeners updated with the trending news, replacing worry and fear with hope and joy, by teaching God's Word through inspirational gospel music that heals the soul.  Every day of broadcast is different and impacting. It is never the same, promising a fresh, dynamic listening experience in every tune-in. Through its engaging array of Gospel tracks which features inspiring music that exalts Christ, they encourage believers, restoring their hope in the faith. The ultimate goal of WEUM is to make the gospel available to all by spreading God's Word throughout the airwaves. So, whenever you are on the go, WEUM journeys with you!