Words about Roads Of Success

Roads of Success is a non-profit organization that brings transformation to the Middle East by bringing immediate solutions on the local level and promoting unity within the people. ROS sends out humanitarian relief missions all across the region to alleviate pain and equip the underprivileged with basic medical, psychological and educational supplies. ROS is a voice to the voiceless who are experiencing injustice throughout the Middle East such as women, refugees, minorities.

  Our Vision: Middle-Eastern women and persecuted minorities reaching their potential to positively influence their societies for a better world.   Surviving ISIS WATCH THIS BBC SPECIAL ON TECH OVER TRAUMA! BBC has been covering the Roads of Success Tech Over Trauma mentorship program, our girls, the amazing team of volunteers, and our recent trip to Germany. Learn of how the journey all began for us during the height of the war and hear Ekhlas' story, a 16 year old girl who fled ISIS captivity, overcame and is now changing history. Special thanks to Fiona Lamdin! We are grateful for BBC's support of our beautiful and heroic girls, Roads of Success and Tech Over Trauma! Special thanks to the team of volunteers coming from all over the world who worked endless days to make both the trip and the program a reality