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What if reading one children's story could reveal child abuse?

A Bag of Secrets is a beautiful and encouraging Children's Story written specifically for parents, grandparents, teachers, relatives and concerned friends who want to not only protect the innocence of our children, but to free them from the guilt of past abuse. It is about how other people’s actions can force children to carry a heavy bag of unwanted secrets around with them their whole lives. Secrets that weigh down their hearts and steal their joy and happiness. The story is meant as a tool to help open the floodgates of discussion and aid in their healing.

Although the video is powerful, the story is meant for you to read it to a child one on one, not just given to them to read, or read in a group setting. You will need to be ready to ask the necessary questions and to listen carefully to their answers. You will also need to be ready to help navigate the waters of healing for them as you help reveal and return those unwanted secrets to their owners. For more information on how to navigate the questions and next steps, go to The book is available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.