KING of GLORY • All-in-One 15-Episode Movie

KING of GLORY - A Movie - A Book - A Tool (Coming in Fall 2017: KING of GLORY Illustrated Study Guide)   "I was able to dive in with all my emotions. I experienced the Story like I was actually there.” —Lydia, College Student    “It has a way of explaining... Read More

KING of GLORY takes you on an intense ride through the ancient Scriptures of the prophets as it chronologically and accurately unfolds their story and message in a way that makes sense. The world's all-time best seller (the Bible) takes  about 70 hours to read aloud. KING of GLORY tells its core story and message in 3 hours and 42 minutes. • 4 WAYS TO WATCH THIS MOVIE: • 1. In 15 Episodes. Average length: 15 minutes each. Works well in homes, small groups, schools, camps. etc. (Watch 3 a day = entire movie in 5 days). •• 2. In 70 Scenes. Average length: 3 minutes. This method breaks the flow of the story, but works well in many contexts. Try it as a bedtime story set with your kids. ••• 3. In Two Parts. In the home or special event context, watch it in two sittings: Disc 1: The King Foretells His Plan (1:47). Disc 2: The King Fulfills His Plan (1:55). •••• 4. In One Showing. There is nothing quite like experiencing the powerful story and message of the Bible in just 4 hours (that includes a 15-minute intermission). <> KING of GLORY DVD - Edition 2 (with 8 language audio-tracks: English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Somali, Swahili, Spanish, Turkish) is available for purchase from Amazon: • For more info or to watch in other languages, visit: • Questions or Comments: • 2015/2017 © ROCK International