Why is YOUR Worldview So VITAL?

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When our car won't start, we don't immediately change-out the engine, but we take it to a reliable mechanic to trace down the underlying cause of the problem. We live in an increasingly chaotic and violent world, and the average person not only worries about the future, but wonders about the cause of this turmoil.

We believe that the source of these problems is found in the scripture, Hosea 4:6 - "My people perish from lack of knowledge". `Specifically, the knowledge of God and His principles for life.

This short (6 min.) video lays out a few of the fundamental Biblical principles of a Christian worldview which, if followed by the believers of Christ, guarantee that you will have "success in all you do". And for those who have not yet come to believe, these same principles - if followed - will bring countless benefits in this life that would not be realized otherwise.

It is wise to obey the One who created all the laws of the universe!