What Was Your Name

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Joyce Im Bartholomew: "What Was Your Name" came during a time when I felt compelled to write a pro-life song for the Christian pro-life ministry called Pre-Born! I am also their national spokesperson and opening act for Christian headliners for their ultrasound sponsorship concerts. My previous experience with the pro-life movement was as a volunteer lay counselor at a pregnancy care center years ago before I ever imagined standing and singing for life in such a public way. I could have never even dreamed of it back then. I was just a counselor because I felt called to the ministry since one of my spiritual gifts is the gift of encouragement, which lends itself to counseling. But God has a way of doing things beyond what we can ever imagine. While I felt compelled to write a pro-life anthem song, I thought about abortion 24/7, and I am not exaggerating. I would cry about it, and I could not help myself. I thought about back in 2013, the 58 million babies who had been killed before they had a chance to live, and I realized that the highest populated state is California, having 38 million people. The number of abortions is 20 million more people than the entire state of California, and my heart was broken to pieces over this. I wondered who all these people would have been. What would they have looked like? Who were they? And my heart ached and ached over this. The inhumanity, the loss, the tragedy, the death, the sorrow, the people. I hope the country will change in how callous we have become toward the babies and start to see the truth and reality behind what we are doing.