'We've Come to Praise Him' By Lee Hawkins

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We’ve Come to Praise Him (Gospel House Remix)” is a remix of Lee Hawkins’ “We’ve Come to Praise Him (Service Starter) on the album ‘Gospel songs By Lee Hawkins Vol 1'. The song is an upbeat dance song written to bring people of all age groups into the gospel space, and the music video for the single features’ young dancers from all over the world, including Hong Kong.

About The Producer-Songwriter Lee Hawkins

Lee Hawkins is a New York-based Gospel Producer-Songwriter-Singer and Journalist with The Wall Street Journal. His newest album, to be released late July 2021, is entitled Gospel Songs By Lee Hawkins Vol 1. Hawkins composed and arranged 11 tracks with rising feature artists and created a music video with dancers from all over the world.

Also known by the nickname “The Hawk”, he is an honorary North American Orange Wiggle of the multi-platinum children’s group “The Wiggles.” The Hawk is featured as both an artist and a songwriter on the Wiggles 2015 album, “Apples and Bananas.” The group’s song, “Do The Hawk” features Hawkins and is, in fact, about him.

Hawkins is a Grand Prize Winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his song, “I Love You Woman,” which was produced by noted R&B producer George Nash Jr. (Eric Benet, Jimmy Sommers, Earth, Wind & Fire). He released the critically acclaimed “Serenade” project, which was lauded by Billboard magazine in Gail Mitchell’s “Rap, Rhythm & Blues” column. His songs “Don’t Run Away” and “Come With Me (Live with me) off the “Serenade” album are featured on the Cafe De Soul label’s Chapter Three compilation album. He was also a winner in the RIAA’s Grammy Demo Showcase songwriting competition for “Don’t Run Away.”

Hawkins and his music have been profiled by Soultracks.com, the No. 1 web authority on Soul and R&B music and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He has also been written about in Billboard, Ebony and Jet magazines, and many others.

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