Watch 'Walk by Faith' By Ron, Candy and Perry Generations

What You Should Know:

Walk By FaithRon and Candy Perry are a beautiful married couple out of Virginia — lead vocalists to the Perry Generation, a family band of their four children: Roman, Candi, Keisha, and Ronald — their music is made for the mind, body and spirit. On May 1, 2020, they released an essential extended play called “Lord I Love You.”

If there’s one thing that you should know about ‘Walk by Faith,’ track 1 of 5, it’s that despite all of life’s ups and downs, there’s stability in the love of God. Yes there’s safety, there’s peace, and there’s joy in knowing God is in control.

How ‘Walk by Faith’ Brings Inspiration:

Walk by Faith’ without question brings inspiration honestly. The song was conceived as a prayer, an uplifting affirmation, keeping the faith during life’s trials and tribulations.

Opening this 5-track treasure very dynamically, ‘Walk by Faith’ immediately reinforces my faith in knowing everything is okay, that God has already made a way. The song is just one more contemporary gospel song that helps me keep my eye on the prize of peace.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:

‘Walk by Faith’ is the upbeat, foot-tapper of the  tropical, peaceful “Lord I Love You — EP.” And to be frank, the lyrics are the strongest, most pleasing component of the song. Uniquely husky and passionate, Candy’s vocals actually caused me to pay even closer attention to the motivational lyrics.

Slowly, the song opens with orchestral strings,  attracting my attention undeniably, reminding me of music by rapper Scarface. And then at 0:25, when the hip-hop beat drops, I was taken by complete surprise at the sonic juxtaposition. And yet, its creative boldness was very effective and appreciated.

One memorable lyric in ‘Walk by Faith’ is the uplifting and contagious chorus: “Walk by faith, not by sight / hold on to eternal light (stay encouraged).”

For Fans Of:

Patrick Foreman & Family, Rick Fusion, Izzy Produx

Final Word:

All in all, I indeed enjoyed this new music by Ron, Candy and the Perry Generation. ‘Walk by Faith’ is a stellar song, and it’s message is understandable and even better, relatable. And, I’m recommending you go stream “Lord I Love You — EP” in its entirety, to see just how choosing to have faith is essential to peace.

Walk by faith, not by sight — that’s just it — the only way to maintain a positive mindset. It’s the only way to blissfully reside in the present moment. ‘Walk by Faith’ is a dynamic and necessary reminder of the importance of a strong faith mindset.

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