God Made You Beautiful

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"God Made You Beautiful" came from Joyce realization that women tend to find their peace and happiness from how men view them, instead of in how God views them. So, women tend to dress a certain way or have surgeries for men to find them more sexually attractive, in order for them to feel more beautiful. But, God has made them exactly the way He intended, and He knows what He is doing. Women need to find their confidence in Jesus Christ and realize that they are fine the way that God has made them. Sure, they can improve themselves and take care of themselves, but their peace should not come from how a man looks at them. So many women opt for surgeries and dressing and acting cheap, in the hopes of gaining male attention. But God has made a woman the way He meant them to be made. A woman can be secure in this fact and be free to love her spouse with a pure and selfless heart. A woman has more to offer than just being used in this life. God has designed more for her as a wife. She needs to see herself this way and rise above the ungodly sex culture of today. View full publicity at http://bit.ly/2n3L6fO