David Billingsley III Shares New Heartfelt Visual In Memory of His Father David Billingsley II


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Taylor Valery

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What You Should Know


To celebrate the life and homegoing of his father, David Billingsley II, who passed away earlier this month, David Billingsley III dedicated his sophomore studio album to his father. Feeling tasked with bringing more healing to the world through his music, Billingsley III recorded an intimate visual to his upcoming “House of David Volume 1” album release.


“House of David Volume 1” will be available for total download and streaming on July 31st. And, like his first album “Hymns from Grandma’s Livingroom” reached the mainstream charts, I’m expecting even greater success on the American iTunes Top 40 Jazz Albums Chart for the new album. Luckily, three of the 17 tracks on “House of David Volume 1” are available for streaming right now. Those tracks are 1, 2, and 5: ‘House of David,’ ‘For Dad,’ and ‘For Mom.’


What It Sounds Like



The new music video on YouTube, entitled ‘David Billingsley - House of David,’ provides fans a closer look into Billingsley’s personal life. Billingsley III allows us into the intimate, emotional moments of his father's homegoing, further showing his readiness to bring real healing by sharing his own healing.


In a statement to Devine Jamz Gospel Network, he made clear:


“I put this music out with hopes and intentions that people would listen in cars, during study time, while immersed in nature, or when they need time to pray, reflect or just be.”

The soothing piano playing offers peace and stillness in a fast-paced world, timely for Billingsley’s grieving heart. Those well-crafted harmonies are rich and relaxing. The passion behind the keys is undeniable, heartfelt, and extremely valuable to contemporary jazz and gospel music. Billingsley III creates a pretty praiseworthy tune with those keys, effortlessly making them sing like fellow musicians Alicia Keys and Wolfgang Mozart.


Spiritual Highlights


In this music video, many family and friends speak to the amazingly memorable character Billingsley’s father had, and their remarks were just as loving — suitable for a light so bright. What makes this visual so compelling, so raw, and so heartfelt, is the common thread of love and respect family and friends have for David Billingsley II, subtly passing the healing torch to Billingsley III.

I’ve watched the music video over and over again, because of the beautiful music, and heart and soul on public display. It’s got a nostalgic feel, reminding me of my own grandfather’s homegoing in February 2001. Listening to the songs while watching a grief-stricken Son, and his loving family pay their respects brought me to tears, to be perfectly honest. The energy behind this entire “House of David Volume 1” album is stellar, and sentimental. I know Billingsley III is making his father smile with true pride & joy.


For Fans Of


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Final Thoughts


I believe jazz music lovers will thoroughly enjoy the soft, meditative music of ‘House of David,’ which means they’ll definitely be pleased with the full album when released worldwide on July 31st. During times of reflection and prayer, not just in this COVID-19 era, this music is a healing agent to the mind, body and soul. And, as a true fan of David Billingsley, I continue to stream his debut album like its brand new. I appreciate music that makes me feel good and light, not heavy and frightful. The energy in ‘House of David’ simply fills me up with love, and winds me down into tranquility.


“Family is everything,” David Billingsley shared in a Facebook post recently, bravely battling emotions and changes regarding his late father. He not only understands but wants us all to understand that family will always be there with unwavering love.


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