Country Gospel By Instruments of Musick


Emerging from Detroit, a city rich with soulful sounds and funky chords that make heads-nod and feet-tap, brother duo, Fatman and Garvin McKinney are Instruments of Musick. Powered by the heavenly harmonies of the pedal-steel (Fatman) and electric guitar (Garvin), their music tells a story of the versatility in singing praises to God. Taking a cue from legends, Ted Beard, Calvin Cooke and Pierre Stevenson, they create a fusion of an instrumental and inspirational gospel sound.


Fatman and Garvin, at the age of 11 and 15, learned to play the pedal steel guitar amongst other instruments: their parents were an integral part of their affection for music. Although they loved playing in church, it soon became clear their calling was much greater. Gospel music can transcend the four walls of the church and introduce people to Christ. Despite being turned down at every attempt to break into the industry, these brothers knew their music was meant for the world to hear.

Instruments of Musick, personifies 2 Chronicles 5:13, singing praises and giving thanks to God in unison.

In 2015, Instruments of Musick released their first studio demo, You Been Waiting, which created such a buzz, the brothers felt it only right to keep growing in their craft. Fast-forward five years, countless jam sessions, listening parties and live videos on social media – the band decided to compose a body of work that highlighted its growth and evolution.

On June 12, 2020, the electric ensemble released their first EP, Determination, a dynamic take on influential and diverse genres while remaining cohesive with their organic sound. From sultry country chords, to a ballad that pulls at your heart- strings, it illustrates the highs and lows of staying true to yourself, while going against the grain.





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