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An accomplished artist from Nevada, Storm sends us healing vibes with the new single 'I hear You,' taken from her spiritual album "7." This meditative music provokes deeper thinking, inspires prayer, and encourages appreciation for the struggle.

Christine Storm, 7, I hear You

What Storm has lived through makes her musical testimony so sweet like honey. Sure, she's performed around the world, and she's achieved a Billboard-charting single, but she's also a human who's been affected deeply by something. And she wants to share how confident conversations with God unleashed inside of her a certain strength to keep on keeping on, even when life's storms just wouldn't let up.

This blog is about the why 'I hear You' is so important to Christine Storm, and even more, why it's important for music lovers to go stream the song now & later.

Did you know? Many Christians believe suffering is a normality in this world.


Like many of us, Christine Storm has experienced emotional pain and adversity which caused her to call on God's grace & mercy. She's suffered losses in both her personal, and professional life, but due to her faith and integrity, she hasn’t let any of those serve as setbacks.

The minute I decided to start believing in Christ, the testing began. It was like God was saying “let’s see if there is any faith to go with your belief.” In a four year span I was blacklisted from my career for not sleeping with an agent. I was ousted from my family. My biggest fan - my Mother, died...."

What would you do if your biggest fan - your mother, died? Would you continue on in the hopes to make her smile from above? Would you allow yourself to wither in emotion. With more troubles towering like burying a best friend, Storm could've stewed in feelings of uselessness, but she didn't succumb. She instead overcame with proclamation of firm faith. That small, big decision to faith, ushered Storm onto the path of devotion, surely rewarding her lessons learned.

While on the floor in total turmoil one very dark night, I looked up and yelled, “I love you anyway, is that what you want to hear?” It was! Suddenly the gloom and tears lifted, and I truly felt God! Not long after that and trying to walk the walk a little better every day, God started blessing me: first my best friend & Husband John, then more inspiration than I could possibly manage!

As a Christian, or rather any being, overcoming loss offers great experience for the next phases of life. Storm released 'I hear You' as praise to God's acknowledgement of us when we pray purposefully.

Choose Faith


I've lost opportunities and people in my life as well. In retrospect, I know I lost those particulars because God was making room for greater achievement in my life. At the time, I didn't want consider my actions being the cause of any of my losses. But today, with a closer connection to God, I can see where I went wrong in certain scenarios. Now, I take charge of the life I was blessed with. Now, I take seriously the connection I have with the creator. That's exactly what Storm shared with 'I hear You,' the fantastic feeling one gets when calling on the Lord.

'I hear You' is closely comparable to 'Keep Your Head Up' by Rico Dawson; both are contemporary Christian songs that inspire strong faith in difficult times. In today's hungry society, it's important to share positivity and optimism about life and the journey of.

Highly Recommended...


'I hear You' is incredibly important to stream, because it encourages firm faith during challenging times. Storm's creative expression paired with the song's live instrumentation help illustrate the present moment you experience with our God during prayer. Song invites us to dance in celebration of God's undeniable recognition of us as His own.

These lingering lyrics are in the first 18 seconds: I started talking to God, and He started talking back / And then I heard Him say, I'll make up for all you lack....

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