Christian Hip Hop Artist DaeShawn Forrest Goes Behind His Song 'Distance' From His 'State Of Mind' Album



Behind His Song ‘Distance’ – One important lesson learned by 19-year-old Christian Hip Hop Artist DaeShawn Forest is that when he needs something from the Lord or needs to hear from the Lord, he must distance himself. That is, distance in the manner of allowing God to speak to him without being distracted. Some say going to your prayer closet; some say meditating; others say disengaging from the world temporarily. DaeShawn simply distance himself so that there is no interference with the relationship he has with God. He positions himself where he can clearly receive God’s word.


Among many lessons learned from Elders and testimonies at church, Christian Rapper DaeShawn Forrest was told that when he feels God tugging on his heart, it is wise to get in a position where he can clearly listen. “There was a time where I began to feel like something was wrong”, DaeShawn stated. Out of nowhere, I began to feel spiritually empty. It felt like God was trying to tell me something, he explained. “That feeling of discomfort lasted a couple days before I finally decided to go to God in prayer and figure out what was going on”.

“I remember God letting me know that there was work for me to do and that he wanted to use me. However, I would have to distance myself from the things and friends that I love so God could work on me”. Initially, it was tough for DaeShawn to distance himself, he informed. It was upsetting because he felt like he was by himself. When his friends would go out and socialize, DaeShawn stayed home reading and praying. Although he was aware that spending time with God is far more important than anything else, as a young adult in his teens he couldn’t ignore the fact he was missing out on social activity with his friends.

Behind The Song Distance

Be that as it may, God showed DaeShawn his mistakes and how they impacted his overall judgment. Thankfully, those moments of self-examination gave DaeShawn the opportunity to better himself.  He would later use what he learned for God’s glory. Looking back, DaeShawn realized that being obedient and distancing himself from the distractions was the best decision he ever made. It matured him spiritually! He also moved past the previous pain and disappointments he held on for so long. You can say that DaeShawn got rid of his heavy load while distancing himself. Rather than letting emotions fester and grow bigger, DaeShawn can easily forgive and he’s slower with getting angry.  God pushed DaeShawn in the direction he purposed him to be at. DaeShawn had to look at himself in the mirror and examine what was staring back at him. He found out that it was his own doing which prevented him from rising. “I was waiting on God to change my ways and didn’t realized God was waiting on me” explained DaeShawn. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I thank God for giving me the experience of being in the desert 40 days and 40 nights sort of speak. It only caused me to do better in every area of my life.

DaeShawn is thankful that God did what he did to grab his attention. It shows the unconditional love that he has for him. In this ongoing process, God continues to mold DaeShawn in comfortable ways and sometimes in uncomfortable ways. Although DaeShawn might have to distance himself, he is never alone. DaeShawn knows that Christ will never leave him nor forsake him. He discerns and understand that when God calls on him it might require his undivided attention to receive God’s prophetic message and/or assignment.


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Behind The Song ‘Automatic’

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