Bring Back Summertime on the big screen promises to be visually enthralling for audiences. The strong man running miles daily for weeks in preparation for the Chicago Marathon takes a hard fall. The massive multiple car accident becomes a gripping story as paraprofessionals race and move fervently to save his life. Human compassion is enormous and compelling throughout the movie. It is not known to the rescue team or medical personnel who rush to the aid of Dr. ’J’ that this former U. S. Airman was someone of modest means and upbringing. They did not know that after honorable service to his country, a return to college to become an educator, this man was able to build an upscale life for himself and his family. It is unknown to them of his later accomplishments in returning to school to obtain a PhD in Computer Science. As the back story unfolds, however, the theater audience learns of fortitude and commitment exemplified by this man and his wife as they both work day and night teaching jobs to secure the down payment for their custom dream house and provide a better life for their children. Their saga of family, faith, and fortitude is underscored by colleagues and friends who question their steps to move into a white suburban neighborhood in a time period where Blacks were not welcomed. Layers portrayed on the big screen speak strongly to the same backbone that gave the couple faith and strength to rise above struggles now takes the wife and children to a formidable struggle of keeping Dr. ‘J’ alive and the family unit intact. Surprises in the momentum of the movie at every turn underscore the fact that Black families and friends do support one another. The portrayal of people from all walks of life who will not hesitate to bring back life, no matter the creed or color, is touching and moving. Bells ring at the small wedding of this couple and continue to chime as the family turns toward heaven and beseech God to remember and save the life of this special man who gave so much of himself to others. Emotionally charged prayers of his wife and children at the hospital chapel offer reassurance, but doubt later becomes a constant reminder that clouds their efforts. The family struggles against financial odds and medical odds of the naysayers who project that the wife’s belief in divine intervention was not in order because the threats of mental and physical harm had already taken their toll. Fragments of life regained would not be worth living with extensive brain trauma and quadriplegia. Yet, the viewer is left charmed from the back story of beauty, white sand beaches in the Bahamas as more of the love story of this dynamic couple unfolds. Falling in love with a brilliant, but humble man leaves the audience rooting for God’s restoration of his life and his complete recovery. How does the story end? What is all the talk about angels, miracle cloths, that leave doctors and therapists almost speechless? Massive injuries mean a prolonged recovery and prolonged struggle through their winter time of discontent. Colleagues come to town and offer physical and emotional support to the family of a still very fragile Dr. ‘J.’ Friends do care and personally assist. God power, church testimonies, and a faltering personal testimony of God saving his life, becomes a touching portrayal on the big screen that can bring you to your knees. The family unit moves forward with surprise elements of the young daughter becoming MVP and Area Gymnastics Champion; while musical talents of the son and the oldest daughter becoming a teacher are also highlighted. The faith and fortitude of this family serve as an inspirational platform for others who are struggling and also underscores the intrinsic message that God restores and God provides. Elements of unwavering faith, friendship, family and their church family bring surprising depth to this remarkable true story. The Bring Back Summertime movie will inspire and resonate with people from all walks of life.

True Story By:
Jeanne Starr Gater
May 9, 2017

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