‘So I Can Bloom’ By Paul Gilbert Pulls Music Lovers Closer To Christ Within

Music Review
By Taylor Valery
Freelance Music Reviewer
Another soulful gospel song from Paul Gilbert, ‘So I Can Bloom’ encourages me to keep the faith in God’s plans for my life. The song motivates me to look for the lesson in situations. Gilbert’s soothing vocals can easily pacify any aching heart, any searching soul.
‘So I Can Bloom,’ vocally reminiscent of secular artists Jesse McCartney and Jon B, shines a light on the beauty of strong faith. With this new song, Gilbert expresses his belief in not just God, but in a more purposeful life.
Paul Gilbert, on February 25, 2020, released his “Soulville” extended play, which contains the spiritual single ‘So I Can Bloom.’ What this song sounds like is a pep-talk, a prayer, an affirmative prayer, exercising unshakable faith.
I am in love with the song’s harmonies, they’re so upbeat, so bold… so bucolic, and they lead me to relatable lyrics and catchy ad-libs.
Paul Gilbert croons in acceptance of God’s purpose for his life with ‘So I Can Bloom.’ The song speaks directly to the trials and tribulations one experiences on life’s journey. Being faced with adversity, judgement, pain and sorrow, it can all test your faith. But, when there’s a will, there’s a way.
Like my Ma would always say: You can do anything you put your mind to… and just like many of us, Paul Gilbert’s faith and focus are tried — ‘So I Can Bloom’ is a conqueror’s testimony. It’s my testimony.
A memorable lyric:
God is removing (the undesirable from me) // He is doing (a work everyone can see) // And He’s allowing me (allowing me to grow)….
Honestly, I’d say the best part of ‘So I Can Bloom’ is the whole production’s power to pull music lovers closer to Christ within. Hearing Gilbert’s vibrato on every other lyric was a wonderful treat. And even greater, listening to him profess his faith in God so creatively, so eloquently, it only encourages my own affirmative prayers to the most high.
Jonathan McReynolds, Isaac Carree, Travis Greene, Micah Stampley
Because I’m absolutely impressed with the passion and prayer heard in Paul Gilbert’s new “Soulville” extended play, I’m highly recommending you stream it now.
This four-track set also has a song starred as a fan favorite on Apple Music — ‘Touch the Cross.’ After reading this review, and you go to stream ‘So I Can Bloom,’ it too should see fan-favorite status.



But I know those stats are not what is driving Paul Gilbert to release such positive, soulful music, he emphatically wants to share with us God’s goodness through delightfully inspiring music.








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