Going the Distance

It was the time of their lives. It was perfect. Phil and his best friend Jason along with their band, Murphy’s Lawn, were performing their first paying gig. And to top it off they met the two most beautiful girls, Nicole and Kate. It was their senior year and things couldn’t get any better. With newfound success come challenges, especially in their relationships and staying sexually pure. These new opportunities, unforeseen challenges, and passionate relationships force them to make choices that will shape the rest of their lives. While Phil and Nicole nearly cross the line in a treehouse one night, Jason and Kate find themselves in the middle a pregnancy her father wants to end. Phil’s dad, a father with a heart for his son, helps Phil navigate the toughest decisions of his life. What unfolds after that will test their convictions, their faith, and ultimately their will to go the distance.

Shawn Justice established Justice Pictures in 1999 to produce faith-based feature films and television shows. His first film, “Going The Distance” got the ball rolling and the company has since followed up with “The Reconciler” and “Out of the Darkness.” The company is currently in post-production on “The Narrow Road” and is shooting “A Murder of Innocence” in 2017. As a company we want to entertain and inspire, helping you grow in your faith in the process. More projects are coming from Justice Pictures, so check back often.