Rejoicing Through the Book of Revelation

  Evangelist Donald Perkins is the Founder and President of According to Prophecy Ministries. He has devoted over 37 years to the study and teaching of God’s Word with a focus on Bible Prophecy. About According to Prophecy Ministries: According To Prophecy Ministries is a Bible... Read More

Rejoicing Through the Book of Revelation with Evangelist Donald Perkins Is an audio/visual summary of the Book of Revelation, as he chronicles events from history past, present, and those yet to take place in the future. This message was taught at the Blue Letter Bible headquarters, Evangelist Perkins covers all 22 chapters of the book of Revelation through a verse by verse study of this exciting book of prophecy. You will learn how to study the book of Revelation and important keys to properly interpret and understand this prophetic book. You will also learn about the Revelation of Jesus Christ, The Glorified Vision of Jesus Christ, The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches, The Heavenly Vision and the start of The Great Tribulation period with the Seven Seals Judgment, the judgments of the Great Tribulation which includes the Seven Trumpets and the Seven Vials.

Evangelist Perkins will help you to learn about the Anti-Christ, the Mark of the Beast, the 144,000, the Two Witnesses, The Mystery of Babylon the Great, the Judgment of Literal Babylon, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Battle of Armageddon, the demise of Satan, the Great White Throne, the Lake of Fire, and the New Heavens and New Earth.