Kay Arthur Matthew Bible Study Part 3

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It’s hard to ignore the polarization in our culture. And the divide occurs precisely on those issues set forth in the Word of God. Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur shows you why this culture clash is no accident and where it has its origins.

Sometimes, do you feel as if the world is against you because of your Christianity? Oh they’d be happy with you if you would be quiet, if you would not say that there’s a right and a wrong, if you would not proclaim that there is Jesus Christ and He is the Son of God and the only way to God, if you would not stand for the Ten Commandments and they would be happy with you. But the minute you let your voice be heard like the rest of the world is doing it, it seems like there is a clash, a clash between you and the world. What’s going on? We’ll talk about it today from Bethlehem.

Precepts for Life: Matthew, Part 3

Clash of The Kings