Kay Arthur Isaiah Bible Study Part 1 #8

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The Bible tells us again and again that God judges the nations. Will we today learn that lesson before it’s too late?Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur continues a Bible Study in the book of Isaiah called, “Judgment-But Hope.”

When a country descends from its former glory into the cesspools of immorality and licentiousness who’s to blame? Who is to blame? Well basically, it’s the common person, the common person, or the leaders. It depends on whether the common people elect the leaders or whether the leaders are just self-appointed. But then it’s not just the leaders. What is it? I’ll tell you in just a minute.

They call the Prophet Isaiah the “the Prince of Prophets. Of all the quotes of the different prophets, no one was quoted more by Jesus Christ than Isaiah. And no one was quoted more by the apostles than the prophet Isaiah. And so we’re going to take a look at this incredible, incredible book for the next 14 weeks.

Precepts for Life: Isaiah, Part 1 # 8

The Lord Enters Into Judgment