Kay Arthur Isaiah Bible Study Part 1 #26

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God is sovereign over all the nations; He speaks to them through His Word, warning them of the future. Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur examines the Lord’s Oracles to the Nations, as she continues a series in Isaiah titled, “Judgment-But Hope.”

Have you ever stopped and thought about the future of those who do not believe in the God who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Jesus? What about those people? If I don’t believe in that God does that then make me exempt from the consequences of not believing? We’re going to talk about it today. It’s a matter of life and death.

They call the Prophet Isaiah the “the Prince of Prophets. Of all the quotes of the different prophets, no one was quoted more by Jesus Christ than Isaiah. And no one was quoted more by the apostles than the prophet Isaiah. And so we’re going to take a look at this incredible, incredible book for the next 14 weeks.

Precepts for Life: Isaiah, Part 1 # 26

The Oracles To The Nations