Kay Arthur Isaiah Bible Study Part 1 #24

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When you see the injustice of people towards others through demeaning them, cheating them and trampling on them, do you rise up in anger? Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur looks at God’s Righteous Anger, as she continues her Bible Study in Isaiah titled, “Judgment-But Hope.”

It makes me angry. It is not right, and they don’t need to get away with it because it’s not right. You are right! They don’t need to get away with it if it’s not right. And you know what? Because there is a God in heaven, they won’t get away with it. They won’t. God tells us in Isaiah chapter 9 from verse 8 all the way through chapter 10 verse 4, [His anger is not spent and
His arm is still stretched out.] (PARAPHRASE, Isaiah 9:21) And so when we come to chapter 10, we come to God’s statement that says, “Woe to[them]….”

They call the Prophet Isaiah the “the Prince of Prophets. Of all the quotes of the different prophets, no one was quoted more by Jesus Christ than Isaiah. And no one was quoted more by the apostles than the prophet Isaiah. And so we’re going to take a look at this incredible, incredible book for the next 14 weeks.

Precepts for Life: Isaiah, Part 1 # 24

An Outstretched Hand