Kay Arthur Isaiah Bible Study Part 1 #19

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Fear is unhealthy when it’s irrational, but fearing God, as in giving Him proper reverence, is the epitome of good sense. Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur talks about this subject, as she moves further into her Bible Study in Isaiah.

Who do you fear? Who do you dread? What is it that causes you to go into a panic? Why aren’t you turning to the Lord? Why aren’t you walking in that quietness and confidence that is your strength? It’s just a matter of faith. Where is your faith? You say, “It’s a weak faith.” Well come, my Precious One, and let’s build it strong.

They call the Prophet Isaiah the “the Prince of Prophets. Of all the quotes of the different prophets, no one was quoted more by Jesus Christ than Isaiah. And no one was quoted more by the apostles than the prophet Isaiah. And so we’re going to take a look at this incredible, incredible book for the next 14 weeks.

Precepts for Life: Isaiah, Part 1 # 19

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