Much Discouraged Because of the Way

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This is Part 4 of Katie's 4 Part series on Binding the Strongman, specifically on the Kings over the spirit of legion. We've been learning about horrible spirit of legion. If we must first bind the strongman, who is that? Is there a king over the spirit of legion? Actually YES! But does it give an answer in Scripture? YES! So far in this series, we've been learning about if you are suffering from chronic conditions or bouts of the flu, bacterial infections, viruses, sicknesses, mental disorders--all kinds of goopy and gross conditions--they may be on you from the demonic spirit of legion.

We've also learned that when you get healed of those wounds connected to legion, the enemy has no more legal right to torment you and HAS to GO! Katie will walk you through all kinds of scriptures, examples, prayers and practical steps you can take, right in your own home, to get free from the kings over legion so you can dig deeper and see your breakthrough.