It's All About Jesus!

Katie Souza: Healing Your Soul – Real Keys to the Miraculous is the weekly Television Broadcast of Katie Souza Ministries. This program teaches cutting-edge revelation on the wounding of souls, and how to apply the blood of Jesus, and Dunamis power that comes from the resurrection, to cause... Read More

Today, we have a very special program. It's about my favorite subject, "Jesus." I have set aside this program to specifically talk about Him, to lift Him up, and to glorify Him as our Lord and Savior. The saying that "It's all about Jesus" is really true. The Bible says that "in Him, by Him, for Him, through Him, all things remain." So, in reality, He is the center of the universe. If you really think about it, Jesus is the core message of this ministry. This program is all about healing the soul. But who makes that possible for it to happen? It's Jesus!