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This is the Final episode of Katie's 4-Part series specifically on the power called Exosia. Have you ever read Matthew 10? It says that "Jesus called his disciples together, and he gave them power and authority to drive out demons and heal the sick." I'm sure you've all read that, right? Have you ever wondered what the difference was? It says he gave them power and authority. Isn't that kind of like the same
thing? Actually it's not. Those are two different Greek words, and they are actually two different kinds of anointings. And they both do unique things. But they both work perfectly together.

Tune in to this entire series of episodes to find out how you utilize both of these powers that come from Jesus so you can get your breakthrough. In this series, you'll get plenty of soaking prayer right where you are. Remember, it's not about IF you get your healing, it's only a matter of When you get your healing.