Dying Before Our Time

Katie Souza: Healing Your Soul – Real Keys to the Miraculous is the weekly Television Broadcast of Katie Souza Ministries. This program teaches cutting-edge revelation on the wounding of souls, and how to apply the blood of Jesus, and Dunamis power that comes from the resurrection, to cause... Read More

This episode is part 2 of Katie's 5-Part series on how wounds in your soul can cause people to die before their time. She not only gives sound, biblical references, but she shows you the steps to getting those wounds healed. The good news is it's all about Jesus! Tune in to all 5 episodes in this series to find out how you can get your breakthrough, and get plenty of soaking prayer right where you are. Remember, it's not about IF you get your healing, it's only a matter of When you get your healing. www.katiesouza.com