Thoughts on Acts 3: A Conversation with Rev. Tony Suarez on TBN Salsa

“Dr. Antipas L. Harris is a scholar and modern-day theologian who is not only academically trained, but a gifted orator and as much a student of the word as he is a teacher. Dr. Harris is truly a young man far beyond his years in that he exudes wisdom and genuine love for the word of God... Read More

There are truths embedded in scripture that are hidden for us. A close reading of scripture reveals truth and inspiration to help us grow and develop as mature Christians. Acts 3 is an object lesson that reveals the practical power of the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the hopelessness among us. The Holy Spirit, moreover, empowers us to hear the voice of others with compassion. Importantly, the Holy Spirit guides us to employ the name of Jesus as power and the answer for the world's needs. This video is a conversation that Rev. Tony Suarez has on the Praise the Lord Show on TBN with Dr. Antipas on TBN Salsa.