Can Struggle Means Something Good? (Audio)

“Dr. Antipas L. Harris is a scholar and modern-day theologian who is not only academically trained, but a gifted orator and as much a student of the word as he is a teacher. Dr. Harris is truly a young man far beyond his years in that he exudes wisdom and genuine love for the word of God... Read More

Frederick Douglass once said, "Without struggle there is no progress." Dr. Antipas preaches from Genesis 32:22–32. He explains that the first step in overcoming any struggle is to avoid romanticizing it; admit that the struggle is real. However, admitting a struggle is only the first step. We must not get stuck on that first step. God can get the glory our of struggle; struggle can turn out for our good. Dr. Antipas goes through a four step process through which God often takes believers to advance us toward our destiny. Dr. Antipas is preaching at Great Bridge Presbyterian Church where Dr. Ralph Herbert is the Senior Pastor. Be encouraged!