WorkingNation: FutureWork - A Story of Yesterday & Today

Slope of the Curve from WorkingNation What’s the Big Deal?  The U.S. economy has a potential crisis on its hands, and virtually nothing is being done to address it. In fact, most Americans are dangerously unaware that it even exists, and that they stand a very good chance of being... Read More

The FutureWork series, directed by two-time Academy Award winning Director, Barbara Kopple investigates dramatic changes impacting the U.S. workforce and solutions to train workers for the new economy.

Through the eyes of two individuals, a former Kodak employee and a modern freelance photographer, this film - "A Story of Yesterday & Today" - digs into the changes of work from day's past to the present, specifically looking at photography and how the workforce has evolved from the classic 9-5 to the modern freelance era.

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