Integrity and Leadership

In 2005 tennis champion Andy Roddick was playing a match against Fernando Verdasco.

Verdasco was about to lose his second set. Serving for what seemed his last opportunity to save the game, the umpire called his ball out, calling the match in favor of Andy Roddick.

Usually, a sports player who just had a favorable call made would take the victory and run with it – but not Roddick.

Andy saw that the ball had barely touched the line and refused to accept the umpire’s call.

Instead, he challenged the call and eventually lost that match.

Lead Like Jesus is a global leadership development organization that promises a leadership model that transforms you and those you influence. Our proven methodology is based on the model of Jesus, focusing on heart-centered, transformative leadership that equips leaders to effectively impact their own spheres of influence. Lead Like Jesus does not run other ministries, businesses, schools, families, churches or nonprofits, but teaches those who do, so that God is glorified. What makes Lead Like Jesus different? Our framework. We believe skills and knowledge can’t replace character and integrity. Leading like Jesus involves the alignment of our Heart, Head, Hands and Habits. Our definition. We believe leadership happens anytime we influence the thinking, behavior or development of another. Our model. We believe Jesus is the greatest leadership role model of all time, so our leadership philosophy is simple: follow the Leader.