Grace for a Murderer

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Currently a South African businessman, Otis grew up on church pews and under the guidance of parents who were dedicated Christians. His own faith, however, was mediocre. “My spiritual walk was lukewarm,” he admits. When his brother was killed, the hit to Otis’ faith was almost fatal as well.
But just as death had turned him away, death also brought him back.

When his mother became ill ten years later, Otis began praying for healing. Within months of her death, he was the one who was healed. “On her deathbed, my mother prayed that I would return to the Lord. He healed me in a supernatural way,” he says victoriously. Otis’ life was changed. “I became zealous about the things of the Lord,” he says. He eventually went to Bible school, and on the third anniversary of his recommitment to Jesus, Otis began taking a Lead Like Jesus course. Otis was challenged, and the most crucial lesson he learned in the Lead Like Jesus course led to radical application. “Receiving unconditional love and being able to give it out: that was the centerpiece for me,” he says.