It Is All About Jesus - Jesus Is Freeing

Pastor Jesse Bradley currently serves at Grace Community Church in the Seattle area. Activate is the media ministry of Grace Community Church. We invite you to walk through God's Word together with us as you watch or listen to Pastor Bradley's daily video devotion, Daily Grace, and his... Read More

Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. He sets people free from sin and a worldly mindset. Are you ready to receive his truth and grace? The religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus because his message was radical. Jesus claimed to be God, and the Lord of the Sabbath. Jesus broke the spirit of corruption and religion, and led people to a greater way and a relationship with our good Father. Don’t be trapped in lies, deception, laziness or over striving.  Trusting Jesus is your greatest joy and pure faith. The Sabbath is a gift to you, and God wants to be your peace.