'World's Ugliest Woman' Is Actually Beautiful

Lizzie Velasquez, the woman a lot of cyber bullies have tagged as 'the world's ugliest woman' actually happen to be a very beautiful, strong woman. Inner beauty is what counts, because being beautiful on the outside when no one can stand to be around you because of a horrendous personality, that's what ugliness truly looks like. Physical beauty always fades away, but it's our inner strength and beauty which truly transcends and always stays by your side. Bullies reflect what they have in their heart, so if you feel like hating others for ANY reason, look at yourself first. It may you you who has the problem. As for everyone else, just remember that those insults are not personal, 'cause this people don't even know us. Take it to make you stronger and to inspire others. On the other hand, if you see someone being bullied, don't step back and creep away. Stand up and be the change you want in the world.