Yes You Can! With Shari Prichard

Shari reviews the story of David and Goliath. She motivates women to look at the giants in their lives from the perspective that Jesus has already won the battle. By looking through the lens of victory – our giants quickly disappear.

To help women understand God’s Word, apply it to their daily lives, and walk in love. Shari has a fiery passion for helping women understand God’s Word and living it out in their daily lives. She believes this only happens when we are authentic with one another. Over the last 20 years, she has traveled the road of growing with Christ and willingly shares her life lessons. Shari has been teaching women studies with genuineness and humor for the past 10 years. Whether it’s groups of 30 or 100+, Shari knows it is never too late to change your life with Jesus and brings a message of hope, forgiveness and love straight from the Word of God. Worshiping God through music has been an integral part of Shari’s ministry for the past 10 years. Having the honor to connect a congregation with the heart of Jesus through worship is a privilege. Shari is passionate about raising up the next generation of worshipers. “I believe many women today feel unworthy and need to hear the truth regarding how God sees them. Our culture contributes to the negative image women have of themselves, which is simply NOT how Jesus sees them. Living with guilt, fear, anxiety and unworthiness is the opposite of the freedom he died to give us. I believe first we must identify our issues, recognize Jesus went to the cross for those sins, accept His forgiveness, know He loves us and align our spiritual walk with the Word of God. That’s freedom.” – Shari