Bishop Jean Marie, Founder of Fraternite Notre Dame & FNDTV, receives the Martin Luther King CORE award

FNDTV is an IPTV platform accessible from anywhere in the world, for the family, the maintaining of Catholic Tradition, Christian Unity, religious freedom and human rights. FNDTV is also made of religious people filled with energy and determination, towards God's glory and Evangelization,... Read More

The Congress for Racial Equality in the United States recognizes the outstanding works and spirit of tolerance of His Excellency Bishop Jean Marie, snd. Founder of Fraternite Notre Dame and FNDTV.
Fraternite Notre Dame is made of Religious and lay people who have decided to serve those who suffer in their heart or in their body, in an Evangelical spirit.
The Order and Congregations are active in US cities and many countries around the world, to help the poor, sick or abandoned, and bring material, moral and spiritual support to people with no distinction of race, social status, gender or creed.