TV One Life 4-2-In Shape

The OLU Students form a massive conga line. You'll also see Dubstep Sunday School and Confessions of a Homeschooler.

About: TV One Life
TV One Life is the kind of show that will keep you watching. It is a commercial spoof one minute, a reality segment the next and heartfelt ministry after that. The fast-paced nature of the show is designed for this generation, or anyone who is a little ADD! Between the humor, music and unfiltered ministry, the message is clear, God can change your life! Each episode of TV One Life shows the One Life University (OLU) crew completing a challenge related to the theme of the show. Engaging the public with activities like cliff jumping, messy food relays, and wheel barrow scavenger hunts, the OLU team uses modern-day parables to relate spiritual truths. Fasten your seatbelts for this roller coaster ride of a show! Sean Park is the executive producer and host of TV One Life. For more than two decades he has been ministering to tens of thousands of people across the nation, and around the world. He is passionate about this one goal…bringing this generation to an encounter with God. He has pastored young people, led worship, and ministered to students, parents, and pastors. TV One Life also impacts students across America through powerful One Life Events, life-changing internships and challenging Maximum Missions trips. The TV One Life internship program was recently highlighted for its effectiveness in the book “Transformational Church” by Ed Stetzer. He is the pastor of Charisma Church, a dynamic ministry in Raleigh, NC. His passion is to see revival come to this generation. Invite Sean to speak at your event!