"The Past, Present & Future of Dominion" Part 1

From the Rock in Anaheim, California, Pastor Jerry Dirmann begins a powerful new series called "Have Dominion". This program is Part 1 of the message called "The Past, Present & Future of Dominion".

Jerry Dirmann is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Rock, based in Anaheim, CA. The Rock has now grown to be in multiple locations and languages. Along with his wife Kimberly, Jerry has served in various ministries over the past 25 years, including being the National Youth Director for The Foursquare Church. Jerry is also the author of OPERATION: Solid Lives, a life-changing discipleship program, in which, thousands of students have been and continue to be saturated with the Word of God. Jerry and Kimberly are bold, anointed teachers of the Word who touch hearts with their transparency and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.