The Power of Spiritual Engagement: Powering Up

Merely 17 years ago, PowerPoint Ministries started as a vision of Dr. Jack Graham and his wife Deb. They believed that the power of God was evident in their growing church and that His Gospel message should be spread beyond the walls of that church to the world at large. They put their faith into... Read More

Turn on the TV or open a magazine, and you'll get a pretty good idea how our culture says you can live life to the fullest. But making more money, having nicer things, or getting a better body really won't make you happier! And these things surely won't bring you the joy and contentment you long for.

The only way you can truly live life to the fullest is to be spiritually engaged with Jesus Christ. And in this 10-message series from Pastor Jack Graham, you'll learn what it means to be fully engaged spiritually with Christ...and you'll see how being spiritually engaged with Him will give you the power to live life to the fullest!