Life Message: Living the Cross

If someone gave you a microphone or placed you before a camera to deliver one message to the world regarding Christ Jesus, what would that message be?

Whether you realize it or not, as a believer you have a story of grace to share with the world. And in this powerful two-part series called Life Message, Pastor Jack Graham will help you consider your story of faith and how you can share it with a world that needs to know of Christ's redeeming love. Your life message could be the story that eternally impacts someone you know!

Category: Inspirational

Merely 17 years ago, PowerPoint Ministries started as a vision of Dr. Jack Graham and his wife Deb. They believed that the power of God was evident in their growing church and that His Gospel message should be spread beyond the walls of that church to the world at large. They put their faith into action and purchased airtime on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. PowerPoint® Ministries was then officially launched on April 1994. Over the past 15 years, PowerPoint Ministries has grown to an expansive network of local, national, and international television and radio broadcasts. In fact, PowerPoint can be seen or heard by a potential audience of millions of television viewers and radio listeners across the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Iraq, Israel and more.